The Theory Behind the Thermoflow

Natural ventilation is an incredible solution for buildings that require fresh air and moderate temperature adjustment. When the building is in a temperate climate though, controlling temperatures is the key. Letting stifling air out during the summer is only half of the goal. Keeping it in during the winter, is the other half. When utilizing natural ventilation in the mid-west or northeast United States it is vital to have control over the building’s ventilator. A ventilator, like a Thermoflow, can ensure the heat in the building is modulated in accordance with ambient conditions.

Theory of the Thermofolow

The Thermoflow is an industrial natural ventilator designed to give the user better control over conditions inside of the building. As a low-profile ventilator, it is extremely effective in evacuating copious amounts of warm air and smoke. Furthermore, the built-in damper is included to allow the unit to be shut during wintry weather. This keeps the warm air moving during the summer, while preventing it from building up during the summer.

This makes the Thermoflow the ideal product for low-temperature climates that need lightweight ventilation due to high process heat. Thermoflow is perfect for power generation, manufacturing, and metal production industries.

Moffitt Theory of the Thermoflow & Natural Ventilation

The Thermoflow has been engineered for simplified installation, while still providing minimal roof load and wind load. Made of galvanized steel, it can be mounted on almost any roof configuration.

If your warehouse, steel plant, storage facility, etc. is ready for an upgrade to its ventilation, the Thermoflow is the way to go. There is zero maintenance cost, zero energy costs, and zero noise. These are benefits you can’t beat anywhere else.

Moffitt philosophy has always been to relentlessly pursue engineering excellence and integrity by concentrating on the critical core of technical details. Our products set the standard for quality within our industry, and it’s no different when it comes to the theory of the Thermoflow natural ventilator.

UPDATE 3/8/2024 – The MatrixVent natural ventilator has replaced the Thermoflow for all new projects. It’s lighter weight and easier assembly make it a superior ventilator. If you still have a Thermoflow on your building, please feel free contact our team about replacement parts or repairs.