Coal Power | Forkland, AL

Greene County Electric Generating Plant


Greene County Power is an Electric Generating Plant that utilized a low-profile ventilator and stationary blade wall louvers to ventilate its facility. Moffitt designed, supplied, and installed the ventilation system for this Alabama turn-key project in the winter of 2010.

Moffitt had a small window to complete this project. The installation team put in louvers and safely mounted the roof top vents on this 3/12-pitched roof and ahead of a tight construction schedule, even in inclement weather conditions.

“Moffitt delivered the ventilation equipment and materials ahead of schedule. The installation crew completed the project ahead of schedule, with excellent quality and safety consciousness. The crew endured the cold, wind, rain, snow, and an evacuation drill and still beat the schedule safely.

The combination of roof ventilators and wall louvers has noticeably increased the air flow in the buildings as well as making the buildings look better.”

- David H. Tait, Jr., P.E.
APC Greene County Plant

Project Summary

  • Ten (10) 12’ × 15’ low-profile natural ventilators
  • Thirty (30) 4’ × 4’ Louvers, extruded aluminum wall louvers