Power Station | Belgrade, Serbia

Kostolac-B Power Station

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MoffittVent international natural ventilator

The engineers behind the new Kostolac-B Power Station in Serbia quickly realized that this new plant would get very hot. The 700 MW coal fired power turbines would produce a great deal of heat that had to be vented. As a result, the team determined they would need a significant ventilation solution. Fortunately, Moffitt could help with that.

Moffitt developed a ventilation system that utilized five high efficiency MoffittVent natural ventilators on the roof. This model, known as the MoffittVent-HE (MV-HE) exhaust air more effectively than a traditional ridge ventilator. In fact, the MV_HE has a coefficient of discharge of 0.73. This is higher than the engineers requested coefficient of discharge value of 0.7.

This was a global project with engineering in Asia, ventilation design in North America (Moffitt in Florida, USA) and equipment fabrication (With a Moffitt partner) in Europe. Constant communication, and a commitment to strong customer service, are what made this project a success.

Project Summary

  • One (1) MoffittVent-HE, 3,000mm x 61,000mm
  • Four (4) MoffittVent-HE 3,000mm x 21,000mm