Powered Ventilation System

powered ventilation system

While Natural Ventilation is always our first choice it doesn't work in all facilities. In some spaces, like small enclosed rooms or rooms with low ceilings, a Powered Ventilation System is the best solution.

A powered system uses exhaust fans on the roof to pull the hot, dirty air out of the room with a greater force. This works especially well in situations where the intake side of the fan can be placed near the heat source, like work rooms and kitchens.

Finding the right powered roof ventilation system can be tricky. That’s where we come in. Moffitt has been designing, manufacturing, and installing roof vents and roof fans for over 55 years. We can help you find the best roof ventilator for your facility.

Benefits of Powered Exhaust Ventilation

  • Best performance in enclosed spaces
  • Removes hot air and fumes at the source

Powered Ventilation® Video

Have questions about which roof ventilator is right for you? Call the Moffitt team today for your Free Ventilation Design.

With just a few questions we can provide you with a preliminary ventilation system design and advise you on the best roof ventilator options. Read more about natural ventilation versus powered ventilation in the blog post found here.