powered fans

21Oct 2016

Ventilation for the Heavy Commercial Sector. Moffitt Corporation is known around the world for expertise in industrial ventilation solutions. But did you know we also provide equipment for the heavy commercial ventilation market as well? That’s right, while we do most of our business in foundries, mills, and power plants, we also offer a variety

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17Apr 2014

Virtually every factory, industrial complex, office building or commercial property must have some type of ventilation system. Certainly, removing dust particles, stale air, and manufacturing odors are one part of it, but also, getting rid of built up heat, that every manufacturing or commercial site generates, is another part that is just as important.

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13Aug 2013

Fans & Vents Work Together for Better Ventilation The Moffitt axial fan is the keystone of any powered ventilation system. Small desk fans, ceiling fans, and large factory wall fans are all axial fans. Axial fans push a lot of air at a fast rate. Additionally, they are very versatile. For this reason they can

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