3 Big Advantages of the Model AF Personal Ventilation Fan

AF-CS Chain Suspended Air Circulator for personal ventilation

Warehouses and industrial facilities tend to be hot places that require proper personal ventilation. As they are seldom air-conditioned and full of machinery that produces excess heat, factories can get extremely hot. Proper air-movement is essential for workers to be comfortable enough to do their jobs.

An air circulator like the Model AF is the ideal way to direct cool air where you need it in an industrial facility. Read on to learn 3 advantages of the Model AF personal ventilation fan.

More Effective

Model AF in for personal cooling

Model AF air circulating fans provide a steady stream of air to a specific spot. They focus a high-velocity jet of air directly onto the workers. This personal ventilation system is great for keeping workers cool in a specific location.

This steady stream of air from above provides an evaporative cooling breeze directly onto the body for the most effective cooling possible. For cooling personnel in a small area or a specific spot, an air circulating fan is the way to go.

Space Saving

The Model AF is mountable in a number of space-saving configurations. For instance, column mounting saves floor space, and ceiling hung to allows for placement in open areas. Configurations include;

Chain Suspended (AF-CS) to get the units off the floor and out of the workers’ way.
Yoke Mounted (AF-YM) when it is advantageous to connect the unit to an overhead beam.
Column or Wall Mount (AF-CW) allows affixes the fan to the building column or wall.
Pedestal Mounted (AF-PM) to provide you with a free-standing, movable pedestal.

Each unit is easily adjustable to allow you to point the air in the required location.

Durable and Long-Lasting

Each Model AF fan features a direct drive motor with a high-performance zinc-aluminum propeller. This durable, high-speed propeller maximizes the fan’s performance. Furthermore, each fan comes with a standard 2-year warranty. They are ideal for industrial locations such as warehouses, assembly areas, storage areas, workshops, break rooms, and garages, and docks.

Moffitt and the Model AF Personal Ventilation System

In conclusion, a personal ventilation system is the key to keeping your workers cool. Often called “man cooler fans”, the Model AF is your answer to better work space ventilation. Whether you need complete building ventilation or just spot cooling, we have the solution. Contact us today to learn more about these air circulators, and about how you can keep your team cool AF.