Heated Ventilation

Heated Ventilation

Heat your facility better with Moffitt’s whole system design approach. Heated Ventilation includes heating solutions as part of the whole building’s ventilation.

Make-Up Air Units

Make-Up Air units introduce fresh air to make-up for air leaving the building. Moffitt Make-Up Air (MUA) units are available in a variety of sizes and models. Contact us to find the right MUA for your facility.

DualStream – Double MUA

DualStream industrial axial wall fans are an excellent way to increase airflow within the building.

HeatStream – HT180 Indirect Fired Heater

The HT180 Indirect Fired Heater utilizes Air Destratification to warm any large facility.

HeatStream – HT380 Direct Fired Heater

Moffit HT380 Direct Fired heaters are used to introduce high volumes of heated make-up air into a building.