Moffitt Air Turnover Unit

Moffitt Air-Turnover unit

Air Turnover Units (ATU) efficiently heats large industrial spaces with a minimal amount of equipment. The system pulls the hot air from the higher elevations back to the floor level where it is the most beneficial. This ensures warm air circulates throughout the building, instead of getting trapped at the ceiling, to improve overall building temperatures and worker comfort. The system is designed to maximize efficiency, provide long-lasting, reliable heating, and minimize noise.

  • Frame: All-welded structural iron frame, primed with epoxy rust inhibitor
  • Insulation: Double wall insulated
  • Sheet Metal: Bonderized G90 zinc rich “paint grip” 18-gauge sheet metal
  • Finish: Industrial alkyd enamel machine gray 3 mil thick casing finish
  • Screen: Expanded metal inlet/discharge screen (recommended for heating)
  • Casing: Two-inch-thick Insulated casing with perforated “sound trap” liner
  • Propeller: High efficiency six bladed airfoil turbine prop moves high volumes of air with lowest HP and sound
  • Drum: Continuously welded stainless-steel four pass drum and tube heat exchanger with 80+% efficiency and unsurpassed longevity
  • Grills: Adjustable industrial steel discharge grilles (recommended for cooling applications)
  • Combustion: Sealed to allow burner operation in negative pressure or contaminated space.
  • Induced Draft Blower: Improves flue venting on horizontal applications (DIDM Furnace only)
  • Gas Train: Factory Mutual (FM) or Industrial Risk Insurers (IRI) w/ hydraulic shut-off valve & controls
  • Burner: On/off, two stage or full modulation forced draft burner
  • Programmability: Full occupied/unoccupied seven-day
  • Mix Box Section: Includes motorized dampers to provide ventilation.
  • Economizer: Honeywell™ W710 electronic fully integrated economizer with enthalpy sensor
  • Temperature Controls: Packages includes DDC interfacing or computer control


Download the Moffitt Air Turnover units catalog for a full list of features, options, and specifications.

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Product Testing and Certification
Moffitt Air Turnover Units are tested to comply with industry standards
Product Mounting
Moffitt Air Turnover Units can be installed almost anywhere around a workspace. Inquire for details and requirements.