Moffitt IDF Direct Fired Heater

MOFFITT IDF Direct Fired Heater

The IDF Direct Fired Heater is the key to a warmer, more comfortable building environment. It is suitable for indoor and outdoor configuration up to 175,000 CFM. Each unit ships factory wired, piped, and test fired. We provide the best turndown ratio for power burners in the industry (up to 60:1).

  • Assurance: ANSI Z83.4:2015/02/01, ANSI Z83.25:2015, CSA 3.7:2015/02/01 & CSA 3.19:2015 Ed.2. Factory wired, piped, and test fired.
  • Cabinet: Welded structural or formed channel base frame with lifting lugs. Heavy-gauge color bond steel casing with rust resistant gray enamel paint finish. One-inch thick 1.5# density neoprene-coated fiberglass. Insulation is glued and pinned. Sloped roof for outdoor units.
  • Blower/Motor: Rated forward curve DWDI centrifugal blower. Polished steel shaft with rust inhibitor. Maximum operating speed ≤75% of the first critical speed. ODP motor, 1800 RPM, T-frame, 1.15 service factor mounted on adjustable
  • Bearings: ≥BMA 120, heavy-duty industrial.
  • Drives are designed for 150% motor brake HP
  • Drives:
    • ≤5 HP Adjustable V-belt drives
    • ≥7.5 HP fixed drives on and larger
  • Burner: High-efficiency burner with observation port and adjustable profile plates.
  • Burner Manifold: Stainless steel mixing plates and aluminum gas manifold. 30:1 turndown ratio. Intermittent pilot assembly with spark igniter and ignition transformer. Solid state flame monitoring system.
  • Manifold Pressure
    • Natural gas 7-14″ W.C. or 1-5 psig
    • Propane 11″ W.C.
  • Manifold: pilot regulator, gas valve, shutoff valve, safety shutoff valve, pressure regulator or combination modulating and pressure regulating valve, modulating gas valve, main test fire valve, manifold pressure taps.
  • 80/20 Mix Box: Cost-effective space heating and recirculation. Includes V-bank filter rack.
  • Weather Housing: Control & manifold enclosure
  • Inlet Hoods: Expanded metal screen inlet with optional 2″ filters.
  • Filter Section: V-bank filter section with side access suitable for complete with filter gauge and/or indicating light.
  • Filter: 2″ thick permanent, pleated, and throwaway filters; various efficiency bag filters and HEPA filters. Rack available.
  • Winter Filter: On the burner discharge side.
  • Damper: Motorized inlet & discharge damper parallel blade damper with a two-position spring return actuator and end switch.
  • Roof Curb: Prefabricated galvanized roof curb 16″ or 24″ high; full perimeter on most units.
  • Hinged Access Doors: Sealed with gasketing.
  • Blowers: Backward inclined, air foil, and plug fans
  • DX Plenum: Coil located in vertical or horizontal airflow. Drain pan when applicable.
  • Coil Plenums: Heating coils- steam, hot water, and glycol cooling coils- chilled water, DX coil
  • Hinged Access Doors: Door switches, special access door gasketing, #310 ventlock fasteners
  • Discharge: 4-Way Adjustable discharge head provides 4 equal quantities of air in the conditioned space.
  • Horizontal Discharge Head 180° vertical and horizontal adjustment with 360° of free rotationMotors: TEFC and high-efficiency, meeting, EEE and CSA standards and 2-speed
  • Disconnect Switch: Weatherproof enclosure; non-fused or fused.
  • Gas Train Requirements
    • Meets Factory Mutual (FM) requirements.
    • Meets Industrial Risk Insurers (IRI) requirements.
  • High Gas Pressure Regulator – Required on natural gas with pressure more than 5 psig and LP applications more than 11 ” W.C.
  • High/Low Gas Pressure Switches: Manual reset, gas pressure safety switches which lock out the burner in the event of gas pressure malfunction.
  • Control Panels: NEMA4 or 12 custom, unit mounted or remote enclosures. Explosion proof panels
  • Finish:
    • Corrosion resistant two-step acrylic
    • Special Finishes and Coatings
  • Special construction:
    • Aluminum
    • Stainless Steel
    • Heavier Gauges
  • Cooling Add-Ons:
    • Evaporative cooling module option
    • DX cooling option


Download the Moffitt IDF Direct Fired Heater catalog for a full list of features, options, and specifications.

Product Catalog

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Product Testing and Certification
Moffitt IDF Direct Fired heaters are tested to comply with industry standards.
Product Mounting
Moffitt IDF Direct Fired heater can be installed almost anywhere around a workspace. Inquire for details and requirements.