Commercial Ventilation

Commercial Ventilation

Natural Solutions for Commercial Buildings including Universities, Transit Hubs, Detention Centers, and more. See below for all of the Commercial Ventilation products we can offer for your business.


The Moffitt Firex automatic smoke vent is designed to exhaust smoke and restrict fire from spreading. The Firex is the key to protecting your equipment, your building, and your personnel.


The TriadVent is a tri-purpose device that provides open air natural ventilation, rain protection, and full-time natural daylighting. When the flaps are open warm air exhausts from the building. When the flaps are closed the unit provides weather protected day lighting.


The DeltaStream is an adiabatic natural cooling unit that can cool incoming air 10° to 30°F below outdoor ambient temperatures.

Model RR turbine vent

The Model RR Turbine Vent uses light gauge, marine grade aluminum to remove hot air from your facility. The unit's light weight adds no wind load to the building's roof, eliminating the need for costly support steel.