Commercial Ventilation

Commercial Ventilation

Natural Solutions for Commercial Buildings including Universities, Transit Hubs, Detention Centers, and more. See below for all of the Commercial Ventilation products we can offer for your business.

Moffitt Firex™

The Moffitt Firex is an automatic heat and smoke vent designed to restrict fire from spreading by extracting heat and smoke. Protecting the building, its personnel, and its contents.


Coltlite is a natural louvered ventilator suitable for natural day-to-day building ventilation, natural daylighting, and smoke control.


The LightStream hinged window is suitable for everything from commercial to industrial applications. When mounted low on the wall it allows cool, fresh air to be drawn in; when mounted up high it allows warm air to exhaust. When the unit is closed it provides ample daylighting through its translucent panels.


The TriadVent is a tri-purpose device that provides open air natural ventilation, rain protection, and full-time natural daylighting. More information coming January 2021.


The DeltaStream is a tri-purpose device that cools, heats, and recirculates air throughout your workspace. The TriadVent will be launching in March 2021. Updated information to follow.

GreenRoo™ Turbine Vent

The GreenRoo™ turbine vent spins easily in the wind, offering greater air movement Its light weight means there is little wind load on the roof for easier installation. It is a big improvement over the old "onion" turbine vents.


The Firelight is a natural casement roof ventilator, suitable for natural smoke control. It has high aerodynamic, acoustic and thermal performance, providing extract ventilation for most kinds of industrial and commercial buildings. It is particularly suited for installation into glazing systems.


The Kameleon is a thermally broken, glazed natural casement ventilator suitable both for day-to-day and smoke ventilation through the façade. Both flap and base frames have thermal breaks. It is particularly suited for installation into glazing systems.

FCO Louver

The FCO louver is designed with translucent blades to provide natural daylighting along with air intake & exhaust.