Firex Open Smoke Vent

The Moffitt Firex™ automatic heat & smoke vent is designed to evacuate smoke and restrict fire from spreading. Firex exhausts heat and smoke to protect the building, its personnel, and its contents.

The Firex also provides vital access for firefighters in the event of an emergency. Large industrial building fires can be difficult for firefighters to extinguish successfully. From access issues to large open areas that allow smoke to build-up, these buildings present a problem. However, heat responsive ventilation equipment, like the Firex, can make their job safer and more effective.

The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) has proven that the addition of proper ventilation will assist firefighters in accessing the source of the fire and improve their ability to take direct action against. Getting to the fire quicker can prevent smoke logging, explosions, lateral fire spread, water temperature, and steel softening.

The Firex is known for its quality and affordability. Firex has been manufactured continuously since 1956, and tens of thousands Firex automatic heat & smoke vent have been produced in the last 61+ years. R&D has been continuous, and the design has been upgraded and improved but the Firex remains the same excellent product that it’s always been.

One of the Firex vent’s best new features is the translucent panels that provide natural daylighting.


Standard Features
  • Closed Height: 15 ¾ inches
  • Opening width: 4 to 6 feet
  • Opening length range: 4 – 9 feet
  • Venting area range: 16 ft2 – 54 ft2
  • Wind uplift: 40 lbs./ft2 (pounds per square feet)
  • Net weight range: 345 pounds – 590 pounds
  • Operators: Automatic or Manual
  • Lids: Aluminum

Optional Features
  • Aluminum base option
  • Polycarbonate lids for natural daylighting*
  • 16-gauge galvanized steel lids with G90 mill finish. Other finishes available upon request.
  • Electric, thermal resettable links available
  • Electrical Testing Lab (ETL) registered links available
  • Burglar bars
  • Bridge splices available to combine multiple units

* – Not FM Approved for this feature. Only aluminum lids are FM Approved.

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Product Testing and Certification
  • UL 793, Automatically Operated Roof Vents for Smoke and Heat
  • FM Approved
Product Mounting
This unit is designed to be mounted with or without a curb.