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Industrial and Commercial Ventilation for Chiacgo, IL

Moffitt now provides natural ventilation solutions specifically for the Chicago area. Contact our team now at (904) 474-8333 to get started on a new ventilation solution for your facility. Moffitt provides a variety of commercial ventilation services and industrial ventilation services. This includes product sales, system design, and custom fabrication.

While we've been installing ventilation systems in Chicago and the Midwest for over 60 years, we now have a dedicated sales person right in your area. If you're looking for an in-person site visit or a system evaluation, it's now easier than ever before.

Serving Chicago for Over Sixty Years

Since Moffitt was founded in Pittsburgh, PA in 1961, we have provided natural ventilation solutions to facilities in and around the Chicago area. Now, District Solutions Provider Drew Farlett, himself located in Chicago, helps people find ventilation solutions everyday. Drew is supported by long-time Regional Sales Manager Seth Nickol, as well as a team of Sales Engineers. By working together as a team, Moffitt can design the best ventilation solution for your facility.

Drew knows the Chicago area. He knows how hot and humid it gets in the summer and how incredibly cold it can be in the winter. He's been in plants just like yours and felt those conditions first hand. What's more, he's seen these very same ventilation solutions work wonders in plants just like yours. That means you get a personal recommendation from someone who knows what they're talking about. Much better then just choosing something from a catalog.

In fact, just by looking at a building a District Solutions Provider like Drew can often make a recommendation on the spot. Drew can help you solve your problem no matter what it is. Sometimes its just a quick solution, like a GulfStream fan to spot cool a work area during the hot Chicago summers. Other times its a whole new ventilation system with vents, heaters, and dampers to lowers temperatures in the summer and keep the heat in in the winter.

The Sales team, Sales Engineers, Design Engineers, Moffitt Factory team, and support staff all work together to ensure that our solutions are designed to meet your building's requirements. They work hand-in-hand with the District Solutions Provider in Chicago to ensure our work meets your specifications. Whether it's a heavy-duty damper to help with the breezes through the windy city, or adjusting a plumbing hook-up for a DeltaStream adiabatic cooling unit, they can help.

Facilities we serve

From forges and foundries to warehouses and distribution centers, we can help you lower temperatures and make your building cooler and more comfortable today. Below is a list of some of the industries we work with most often. This list includes projects in and around Chicago, as well as projects in the mid-west and the throughout the United States.

If you don't see your type of plant on this list, don't worry, we can still probably help you find a ventilation solution.

Heavy Commercial


Distribution Facilities

Data Centers

Assembly Areas

Farming & Agriculture

Food & Feed

Light - Mid Industrial

Melt Shops


Pulp & Paper Mills

Chemical Processing



Heavy Industrial

Steel Mills

Glass Plants



Power Plants


Ventilation Design

At Moffitt we design ventilation solutions for all types of facilities. Whether you're looking for spot-cooling fans or a full natural ventilation solution, Moffitt can help.

There's two ways we can help you find a ventilation solution.

  1. Tell us what kind of solution you need and we'll get it for you. For instance, if you know you need an UpStream exhaust fan to cool your work area, we'll process your order right away.
  2. We can help you determine what you need based on your facility and your goals. For example we can help you decide between a high volume low speed MegaStream fan and a DeltaStream adiabatic cooling unit. We can also show you where the units should be located for maximum efficiency.

Our team of ventilation experts will help you review all of your options and find the best one for your building, your budget, and your schedule. Often our District Solutions Providers, like Drew Farlett in Chicago, can give you an idea of what's needed right away. Other times our team will create full Computation Fluid Dynamics (CFD) models to find the right solution. By creating air-flow modeling we can look at the results each potential solution would provide. This is a powerful tool that provides answers before any equipment is purchased.

Chicago Area Project Profile


One of our favorite projects in Chicago at Finkl Steel (also known as A. Finkl & Sons), back in 2008. At this facility Moffitt utilized nine (9) MoffittVent natural ventilators to exhaust the warm air from the work floor of the melt shop.

You can read more about the project, located on the South Side of Chicago, in this A. Finkl & Sons project profile.

Your Ventilation Solution In The Chicago Area

At Moffitt we work hard to provide the best ventilation solution for your facility. Our team works together to help you get the best solution designed and installed as quickly as possible.

Email or Call Drew Farlett today at (773) 207-4464 to schedule a site visit today! We can even do virtual site visits in compliance with your plant's COVID protocols. Let us know how we can help, and we'll set something up right away.


Chicago District Sales
Drew Farlett

(773) 207-4464


Drew Farlett

Natural Ventilation

  • MatrixVent low-profile ventilators
  • MoffittVent gravity ventilators
  • TriadVent flap ventilators
  • RidgePac ridge ventilators
  • GreenRoo turbine ventilators
  • Econovent ventilators
  • SG Vent Ventilators

Natural Daylighting

  • LightStream hinged window
  • jalousie window vents

Natural Heat & Smoke Control

  • Firex automatic smoke vents

Natural Cooling

  • DeltaStream Adiabatic Cooling
  • Natural Heat & Smoke Control

Natural Intake

  • EcoStream wall louvers
  • EcoStream 90 wall louvers

Powered Ventilation

  • PressureStream building fans
  • UpStream workspace fans
  • GulfStream spot cooling fans
  • MegaStream HVLS fans
  • Tube Axial fans
  • DeltaStream adiabatic cooling

Powered Heating

  • Make-Up Air Units
  • Direct Fired Heaters
  • Indirect Fired Heaters

System Solutions

  • Natural Ventilation
  • Hybrid Ventilation
  • Power Ventilation