Glass Mfg Boiler Room | Mexico

Fevisa Industrial

Labyrinth from below with CoolStreams
natural ventilator and natural cooling units

The boiler room in this glass plant was getting so hot that the air compressor was shutting down. It simply could not operate at such elevated temperatures.

Ingersoll Rand, the company that made the air compressor, contacted Moffitt on Fevisa Industrial's behalf. They needed help in figuring out how to lower temperatures in the room and achieve a safe operating temperature without using air conditioning.

Moffitt installed a large natural ventilator to help with warm air exhaust and twelve adiabatic evaporative natural cooling units to introduce cooler air into the plant.


In the end the new system was so effective that it made the interior of the plant cooler than the temperature outside. This is a feat that is unheard of in compressor buildings. The hybrid ventilation system, using natural ventilators and natural adiabatic cooling, was the key to making it possible.

Project Summary

  • Twelve (12) adiabatic natural cooling units
  • One (1) 10.5’ x 160’ low-profile natural ventilator