Model P wall fans

Model P wall fan

Model P wall fans are for exhaust or supply applications. Powered by a direct drive motor, these fans include several different styles of propellers, two-drive configurations, and a variety of accessories. Sidewall propellers fans are the ideal choice for factory and warehouse applications. All drive frames are built of heavy-gauge construction and built for a lifetime of service. Moffitt industrial axial fans are perfect for industrial and commercial applications.

For a Model P wall fan with a belt-drive motor, see the Model PB

These industrial axial fans work in supply or exhaust applications. They provide powerful, warm air removal in exhaust mode and a cooling, evaporative feeling for workers when used in supply mode. Model P wall fans are the solution for improving ground floor airflow in any industrial space.

  • Size: 24” – 54”
  • Drive: Direct Drive
  • Performance: 250 – 100,000 cfm
  • Static Pressure: 1.25” w.g.
  • Arrangement
    • Supply
    • Exhaust
  • Motors: Heavy-duty motor for years of trouble-free operation
  • Propellers: High performance propeller
  • Housing: G90 galvanized steel (mill finish) with flanges for mounting. protective finish.
  • Frame: Heavy-gauge construction
  • Weather Hoods
    • 45° (Relief)
    • 90° (Intake)
  • Coatings:
    • Polyurethane
    • Custom

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Product Testing and Certification
Units have been tested and rated in accordance with AMCA standards and are guaranteed to perform as stated.
Product Mounting
Units are wall mounted at various heights for intake or exhaust applications.