Tower Extrusions TriadVent dual-flap ventilator

The TriadVent is a tri-purpose device that provides open air natural ventilation, rain protection, and full-time natural daylighting. When the flaps are open warm air exhausts from the building. When the flaps are closed it provides weather protected day lighting. This day lighting natural ventilator is the best solution for highly efficient, low-cost natural ventilation.

The TriadVent is designed for heavy commercial and light industrial applications. It has been installed at manufacturing plants, agricultural facilities, and more. Each unit is composed of lightweight aluminum with poly-carbonate hatches. The openings are equipped with tested life-safety guards to prevent fall-ins. Vents ship assembled to avoid installation problems.

  • Aluminum Construction
  • Lightweight unit is good for hoisting and installation
  • Low profile height lessens the impact of the wind on the roof
  • Compact construction for easy shipping
  • Polycarbonate flap is impact strength tested to ASTM D 256
    • 10-year hail warranty
  • Paint to color match in various material coatings
  • Optional materials of construction available
  • Bird screen

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Product Testing and Certification
Computer Modeled, Factory Tested, & Field Tested
Product Mounting
The TriadVent can mount on a flat roof or a curb.

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