adiabatic natural cooling DeltaStream

The DeltaStream is an adiabatic cooling unit that provides natural cooling and ventilation. The unit cools the air by decreasing the temperature of the fresh air introduced into the space.

First, the fan draws hot outside air across the damp desorption medium within the unit. The water in this medium evaporates and removes sensible energy from the air passing through it. This natural process can result in as much as a 30°F air temperature decrease. This ensures that fresh, cool air is consistently supplied to the facility in a cost-effective way. In essence the DeltaStream is a self-cleaning, ultra-hygienic, technologically advanced evaporative cooler.

The DeltaStream has very low operating costs and can be up to 7 times more efficient than conventional air conditioning. It is designed for commercial and industrial applications to cool outdoor air 10° to 30° F below ambient conditions. Each unit is capable of moving 16,800 CFM. Finally, a direct drive variable speed motor reduces maintenance while increasing efficiency. Create a better environment in your building with a Moffitt DeltaStream today.

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  • Construction: Mill-Finish Aluminum
  • Motor: Direct drive variable speed motors
  • Medium: High efficiency cellulose medium
  • Tubing: Polypropylene tubing
  • Curb: Included
  • Weight: 900 lbs. dry, 1100 lbs. wet (excluding curb)


  • Ducting & fan package
  • E.C. Motor fitted on system fan
  • Maintenance packages available
  • Automated controls
  • Building management system integration

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Curb mounted via an integrated curb cap. Can be installed on the roof or at ground level.

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