DeltaStream adiabatic natural cooling unit

The DeltaStream is a tri-purpose device that provides adiabatic cooling, heating, and air re-circulation for your building. It is designed for commercial and industrial applications to cool outdoor supply air 10° to 30°F below ambient. Utilizing evaporative natural cooling it can make a dramatic difference in hot facilities. It is up to seven times more efficient than conventional air conditioning and in many cases just as effective. Moves up to 17,500 CFM.

The units use direct drive variable speed motors to reduce maintenance while increasing efficiency. Each is constructed of aluminum to reduce weight and eliminate corrosion without compromising durability.

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  • Aluminum Construction
  • Direct drive variable speed motors
  • High efficiency cellulose medium
  • Polypropylene tubing
  • Roof or wall mounting available.

Additional Downloads

Product Testing and Certification
Computer Modeled, Factory Tested, & Field Tested
Product Mounting
Curb mounted via an integrated curb cap. Can be installed on the roof or at floor level.
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