Model RR turbine vent

RR Turbine Vent

The Model RR turbine vent uses light weight, marine grade aluminum to remove hot air from your facility. It is designed to provide superior ventilation and long-lasting performance.

The gentlest breeze will spin the unit, which in turn pulls the warm air out of the building. This cycle provides a consistent exhaust pattern throughout the day. Additionally, the light weight of the Model RR turbine vent adds no wind load to the building’s roof, eliminating the need for costly support steel.

  • Throat: 6” – 48” Diameter
  • Cap: Double cap to ensure permanent alignment and stability
  • Rotor: Locked-on rotor mechanism that is also easy to remove.
  • Vane: Corrugated die-pressed
  • Radial Bearings: Oil impregnated sintered
  • Housing: Sealed bearing housing
  • Material: Hot dipped galvanized steel per federal spec. number QQ1716-2, Class DI
  • Base Options
    • Square
    • Round
  • Disc Dampers

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Product Testing and Certification
  • Airflow performance, test tunnel
  • Weather tightness
  • Wind
Product Mounting
The RR vent mounts on a square to round base for mounting on slope, ridge, curb of flat types. Flat collar bases are also available.