Natural Ventilation Benefits

22Jun 2016

See How Much You Can Save Today Switching to Natural Ventilation could save you hundreds, thousands, or tens of thousands of dollars. Stop paying for unnecessary electrical and maintenance costs by getting rid of exhaust fans and choosing a Natural Solution. See how much you could save at your plant with the Moffitt Cost Calculator.

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07Jun 2016

How is a MoffittVent™ Ridge Vent Different from a Penthouse? The MoffittVent™ has been modeled and designed to operate perfectly in less than perfect conditions. Some people will tell you a penthouse roof vent works just as well. This is not true. The MoffittVent™ is proof that all rooftop natural ventilators are not created equal.

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20Nov 2015

Natural Ventilation Can Improve Your Worker’s Productivity Studies show that we work better in environments with plenty of sunlight and fresh air. While Natural Ventilation in the U.S. is still underutilized, buildings all over the world have seen its benefits in schools, offices, and industrial plants. Properly lit, properly ventilated spaces make everyone more efficient. That

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