Better Industrial Ventilation Systems are the Key to a Better Facility

Better industrial ventilation systems
Industrial Ventilation Systems

When you say the word ventilation most people think about air conditioning or fans. Industrial Ventilation systems are something completely different though. Ventilation for Industrial facilities isn’t designed for total climate control, but for reducing heat by improving airflow. This can include industrial fans or natural ventilators but it’s really about considering the entire facility as a complete system.

Who Needs Industrial Ventilation?

Each industrial facility needs a ventilation system designed to meet its individual requirements. Factors, including building size, process heat, and external environment, all play a part in determining the ventilation required in your building.

Some industries need cooling to make their internal conditions tolerable for human workers. Others just need the workplace to be a little more comfortable and easier to work in. These facilities would require two different options.

In general, industrial ventilation is the process of increasing airflow in large open spaces. This can include factory floors, caster decks, turbine halls, and all sorts of spaces that house heavy machinery or equipment. The often have lofty ceilings and are open. When we talk about ventilation in industrial environments, we talk about these spaces.

Fans as Part of An Industrial Ventilation System

On the other hand, the heat in a building can be the result of the process equipment. Other times it’s just the result of having lots of people in the building on a sweltering day. Either way, this requires a ventilation solution.

In warehouses, assembly areas, and packaging facilities industrial ventilation fan is often the solution. Hooded roof fans remove the air from the hot spots and problem areas. In smaller builders with lower roofs and or minimal process heat, industrial exhaust fans & industrial ventilation fans are the key to good ventilation. And remember, good ventilation systems keep employees healthy, happy, and productive.

Designing the Best Ventilation System for Your Facility

In conclusion, exhaust fans may not provide enough power for larger buildings though. A hybrid industrial ventilation system is most likely needed. This is the best way to cool the entire building envelope. Furthermore, adding natural ventilators to the exhaust fans, or creating a complete natural ventilation system, Moffitt can find the right solution for your facility. Our sales team will show you all your ventilation options and help you choose right one for your building and your budget. Call the team at Moffitt today to find the right Industrial Ventilation Fan for your facility.