Industrial Make-Up Air Units and How They Work

Industrial Make Up Air Units and How They Work

Make-up air units (MAU) adjust air temperature and humidity in a building. Instead of recycling or recirculating the stagnating air already in the building, make-up air units bring in fresh air from the outside. This fresh air contributes to a better working environment. Make Up Air Unit comes in heating or non-heating varieties.

Various Applications

Make-Up Air Unit Direct Fire Heaters

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Direct fire heaters introduce heated make-up air into a building. The make-up air unit is designed for outdoor or indoor mounting and can be provided in either horizontal or vertical arrangements. Direct fire heaters are made with few moving parts which make the maintenance requirements minimal and allow workers to focus on their tasks at hand rather than the heating system.

They can be utilized as 100% make-up air units capturing, reheating, and returning building air. The makeup air units can be powered by liquid propane or natural gas, and the heat is produced by a flame coming into direct contact with the source of the fuel converting it into usable energy. An added benefit of that feature is that these systems are incredibly efficient.

Make Up Air Unit Indirect Fire Heaters

An indirect fired heater recirculates the stifling air that is trapped at the ceiling by removing colder layers at the floor level. This process is to eliminate the possibility of condensation forming on materials stored in an enclosed space. As doors open and close within an area, more air is being released outside, and humidity is coming into the building.

Indirect fire heaters reduce the risk of humidity buildup, and that ability makes them much more useful in small indoor spaces. Because of the dryness of the heated air, this system becomes the perfect candidate to heat rooms where mold is of concern. Fumes from indirect fire heaters are released on the outside of the property because the make-up units use an external exhaust system.

MAU Fans

A make-up air unit fan brings in fresh outside air without the heating element. Make-up air unit provides the required number of air changes while maintaining, or even sometimes reducing, the building temperature.

Moffitt Corporation

Utilizing a make-up air unit from Moffitt Corporation will help improve energy efficiency and reduce operating costs of your building. If you would like to learn more about our make-up air units, contacts us today!

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