Natural Ventilation

04Mar 2019
commercial ventilation jalousie window

The beautiful look and design of jalousie windows coupled with its engineered-to-perfection functionality make the Coltlite jalousie windows very popular in commercial and light industrial facilitates nowadays. The cooling efficiency and sleek design make them a favorite among many highly engineered and state-of-the-art commercial buildings. What are the Recompenses of Jalousie Windows? With an aesthetically

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10Jan 2019
Moffitt Corporation Logo

After more than 55 years in business, many companies become stagnant by continuing to do what works and failing to innovate. Moffitt however, continues to see substantial growth half-way through its fifth decade. Significant investments in manufacturing, the addition of a new commercial product line, and big changes to the team, have all contributed to

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19Jun 2018

Jalousie windows, sometimes called awning windows, are composed of glass or acrylic panels set parallel in a frame. They are similar to window blinds. Unlike window blinds, however, jalousie blades bring fresh air into a building instead of light. As modern commercial buildings embrace natural ventilation jalousie windows are becoming more and more popular.

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