Finding the Right Air Circulator Fan for your Building

It isn’t easy finding the right air circulator fan for your business. They are not the same as dock fans, which are designed to deliver a powerful stream of air in one direction. Nor are the same thing as large, slow moving ceiling fans which sit far above the workers and often bring warm air back down to the floor. Instead, Air Circulators cast a wide stream of air throughout the work space. They are situated in close proximity to the workers to provide a steady, stream of cool air. This provides an evaporative cooling effect for sweat, and pushes the hot air away from the workers. Read on to see how air circulator fans can work in your building.

How do Air Circulator Fans work?

Air Circulator
Model AF-PM, Pedestal Mounted Air Circulator Fan

A high-velocity air circulator produces a consistent breeze throughout your space. This constant motion of air helps eliminate hot, stagnant work areas. The right air circulator fan can you help you prevent issues such as-

  • Low productivity
  • Heat related illness
  • Absenteeism
  • Employee turnover

Just like standing in front of a desk fan on a hot day can provide much needed relief, an air circulator fan can make a world of difference to the people working on an assembly line, dock, or warehouse.

Not only can you use air circulators cool workers, but they have other uses as well. You can use Model AF fans for drying, product cooling, assembly line cooling, condensation removal, and mezzanine ventilation. They can also be used to push fumes or dust away.

Types of Air Circulators

The Model AF Air Circulator Fan provides a steady stream of cool air directly to where you want it. It comes in a variety of mounting options to meet your buildings needs. Options include;

  • Chain Suspended
  • Yoke Mounted
  • Column or Wall Mounted
  • Dock Fan (on an arm to reach to special places around the loading dock)
  • Pedestal Stand or Movable Pedestal

Moffitt Can Help You Find the Best Air Circulator for your Building

AF-CS Chain Suspended Air Circulator
Model AF-CS, Chain Suspended Air Circulator Fan

The best mounting option for you will depend on your floor plan, equipment layout, and where your personnel typically stand. For instance, pedestal fans are great for cooling individuals working in one select area. The steady stream of air helps them beat the heat in high temperatures. However, it is impractical to have a pedestal fan for each worker or groups of workers.

By placing the fan above the work area instead, you can cool a much larger area. Additionally, this allows you to get the pedestal fan off the floor if there is any chance that it might get in the way of material handling equipment and personnel. Contact us today and our team can help you determine the right mounting option for your building