MegaStream HVLS

MegaStream hvls fan

MegaStream high volume low speed (HVLS) fans are ideal for providing near ground effect air movement. The unit’s low speed operation means it is energy efficient and noticeably quiet. The MegaStream fan is a powerful, low-cost solution for moving air throughout a specific area. When utilized as part of a larger solution, HVLS fans are a powerful component to better ventilation system.

  • Height: Suitable for ceilings as low as twelve feet (3.7m)
  • Sound: Less than 35 dBA*
  • Certification: UL 507 certification
  • Customization: Easy customization of fan to fit customers applications
  • Blade: Optimized 5 blade profile for low-speed rotary airfoil application
  • Air Throw Distance: near ground effect
  • Controls: Wired touch screen standard

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Product Testing and Certification
Tested and Certified by Moffitt.
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Designed for ceiling mounting.