Model TD tube axial fan

Model TD Tube Axial Direct-Drive Fan

Model TD Tube Axial Inline Fans are designed and built for industrial and commercial applications. These fans can be used for supply, exhaust, or both. Model TD fans use a drive-rive motor to eliminate the need for belts. A belt-drive model Model TB, is also available.

  • Propeller: High-Performance Propeller
  • Housing: Heavy Gauge Steel Housing with continuously welded seams & welded end flanges.
  • End Flanges: steel angle end flange rings with mounting holes to secure fans to ducting.
  • Heavy gauge all welded housing with steel angle end flange rings for superior strength. Rings contain mounting holes for securing fan to ducting.
  • Industrial duty totally enclosed fan cooled (TEFC) or explosion proof ball bearing motors for years of trouble-free operation.
  • Drives: Variable Pitch Drives To 7-1/2 HP. Adjustable for final systems RPM. Belts sized for 165% of driven HP.
  • Pillow Block Bearings: Self-Aligning with a basic rating fatigue life (L10) more than 80,000 hours at each fan’s maximum operating speed when mounted in a horizontal configuration.
  • Base: Adjustable Motor Base
  • Belt Guard: belt guards covering the motor sheave and belts outside the fan.
  • Motor Cover: weatherproof motor cover protects the motor and drive
  • Bolted Access Door
  • Inlet and Outlet Guards
  • Companion flanges & companion angle rings with pre-punched holes
  • Special Coatings: color to match.
    • Enamels
    • Epoxies
    • Urethane powder coatings
  • Vibration Isolators: base mount or hanging isolators are
  • Mounting Brackets

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Sidewall and/or duct work mounting.