Model VB upblast fan

Model V Upblast Fan

Model VB Upblast Exhaust Fans are intended for the general ventilation of factories and warehouses. These fans can also be placed to provide spot ventilation in specific problem areas.  Whether it’s exhaust hot air, or moving stagnant air, standard-duty roof-mounted Model VB fans can help improve your building’s ventilation.

The Model VB is a belt-drive fan. For the similar direct-drive model see the Model V.

Upblast roof fans come outfitted with dampers that open automatically when the fan is started. The high velocity exhaust airstream holds the dampers open preventing the entrance of rain or snow. When the motor power is cut, the dampers close to provide a complete weather seal. A rain runoff trough is located below the damper shafts to provide drainage to the outside resulting in weather-tight construction.

  • Sizes: 24″ – 60″
  • HP: 1/3 HP – 10 HP
  • CFM Range: 5,000 – 100,000+
  • Drive: Belt-Drive
  • Propeller: High-performance statically and dynamically balanced.
  • Motor: Heavy-duty motor
  • Wind band: Heavy gauge galvanized steel and beaded for additional strength.
  • Dampers: Butterfly dampers provide weather protection and prevent backdrafts when fan is not in operation
  • Frame:  All-welded drive frame
  • Heavy Duty Ball Bearing Motor provides years of trouble-free operation.
  • Housing: Galvanized steel, Deep Spun Venturi, protected by a high-performance polyurethane coating
  • Efficiency: Energy efficient motor NEMA Premium
  • Energy efficient motor meets NEMA Premium
  • All welded power assembly
  • Protective coating on fan exterior
  • Protective Guards:
    • Inlet Guard
    • Outlet Guard
  • Magnetic Damper Latches
  • Disconnect Switches:
    • NEMA 3r Rainproof
    • NEMA 4 Watertight
  • Roof Curbs:
    • Extended height curbs
    • Self-flashing (Type SFE)
    • Roofed over (Type CFE).
  • Special coatings
    • Color to match enamel
    • Epoxies
    • Urethane powder coatings
  • Fusible link damper lifter

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