Model AF air circulator fans

Gulfstream person cooling fan

Model AF Air Circulator Fans circulate air to provide a steady breeze of air to floor personnel in a hot work area. Also known as “Airwave” fans, users can mount AF Dock Fans in a number of different configurations to best meet their needs. These high-velocity work for product cooling, drying, condensation removal and more. These “spot-cooler” fans because they focus a high-velocity jet of air directly on the personnel. High-Velocity Model AF Air Circulator Fans are designed to project air streams air up to 200 feet. This provides better air distribution over congested work areas like assembly lines or shipping docks.

  • Motor Drive: Direct
  • Housing: Attractive deep spun 14-gauge steel housing.
  • Guards: 1/2” mesh galvanized steel screen over the inlet and exhaust sides
  • Mounting: Motor mounting bracket designed to fit most standard off the shelf motors
  • Power: Power cord furnished (single phase units only)
  • Coating: Fan housing coated with a thermally fused powered polyurethane black finish
  • Warranty: 2-year warranty
Mounting Configuration Models
  • AF-CS – Chain Suspended – Hangs from the ceiling by a chain
  • AF-YM – Yoke Mounted – Attaches to an overhead beam
  • AF-CW – Column or Wall Mounted – Attaches to a building column or wall
  • AF-PM – Pedestal Fan – Stands on a movable pedestal

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Product Testing and Certification
Airflow performance modeled.
Product Mounting
Model AF air circulating dock fans are wall, chain, yoke, pedestal, or column mounted with easy positioning adjustment.