3 Advantages to Using Jalousie Windows

There are many advantages to using jalousie windows. That is why they continue to gain popularity in highly engineered commercial buildings. Their modern design offers a sleek, functional alternative when compared to the traditional fixed window. In addition to looking sleek and modern, jalousie window vents also offer a substantial number of advantages. Below, we’ll outline a few distinct benefits that make Jalousie windows the right choice for you building.

Natural Cooling Solution

The main benefit of Jalousie window vents is that they can help naturally cool the temperature of your building. It acts as a vital component of a natural ventilation system and when open, it brings a lot of natural fresh air into the building. They are especially effective when they are directly connected to a “smart” building automation system (BAS). This allows for the vent to operate automatically and naturally control the building’s climate based on pre-set parameters. No matter where they are placed in a building, they encourage airflow and can have a significant impact on building temperatures.

Control Heat and Smoke

Jalousie windows can also be used to control heat and smoke produced during a building fire. These glazed louver natural ventilators can be fitted with automatic operators and smoke sensors that allow for automatic operation. When used as an intake to a smoke control system, the louvers automatically open when there is a fire. They open to allow fresh air to enter the building, which in turn makes the stifling air and dangerous smoke exit up and out of the building. In many instances it can also be used as a natural smoke & heat exhaust ventilators. It will open automatically and allow smoke to exit the building when a fire is observed.

Energy Efficient Ventilation System

These windows can also help make your building more energy efficient. When opened, they require zero energy to bring fresh, cool air into a building. When closed, they are as thermally efficient as a window with a high insulation value. Keeping warm air out of the building in the summer and cool air out in the winter. Of course, they also require only a minimal amount of energy to operate as well, making them more efficient than other cooling options.

While there are many advantages to using jalousie windows these same benefits can be found in lots of other commercial ventilators as well. Contact us today to talk about Moffitt’t commercial ventilation options.