Energy Savings

07Jul 2020
Cost Calculator Chart

Don’t pay for operation or maintenance costs on your ventilation system ever again. Save thousands, or tens of thousands of dollars over the life of your ventilation system with the Moffitt Cost Comparison Calculator. See it in action in our new video.

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04Dec 2019
industrial energy efficiency

“Going green” has been steadily gaining traction among industrial companies for some time. For those looking to join in on the green revolution, this involves designing ways to improve energy efficiency in new and existing structures. By moving away from traditionally powered ventilation systems and moving towards natural ventilation solutions, companies are achieving these “green

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14Jun 2019

Natural ventilation is an incredible solution for buildings that require fresh air and moderate temperature adjustment. When the building is in a temperate climate though, controlling temperatures is the key. Letting hot air out during the summer is only half of the goal. Keeping it in during the winter, is the other half. When utilizing

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