Energy Savings

01Apr 2021

A Data Center Cooling System can use many different technologies. This includes traditional technologies like powered exhaust and air conditioning, to newer and revisited technologies like adiabatic natural cooling and natural ventilation. While all of these solutions won’t work in all environments, finding the right solution is vital.

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25Mar 2021

The modern data center must be energy-efficient and sustainable. The days of cooling with inefficient and expensive solutions like air conditioning, refrigeration, or non-stop powered ventilation are gone. Today, natural ventilation has emerged as a viable alternative to traditional cooling methods. A natural ventilator, like the MatrixVent, can have a huge impact on a data

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07Jul 2020
Cost Calculator Chart

Don’t pay for operation or maintenance costs on your ventilation system ever again. Save thousands, or tens of thousands of dollars over the life of your ventilation system with the Moffitt Cost Comparison Calculator. See it in action in our new video.

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