20Feb 2018
Blurry image of classroom interior

Between fire drills and warning signs on every emergency exit, schools will do anything to keep their facilities, and more importantly students, safe. However, besides the initial instruction and occasional inspection, how prepared are most schools for fires and emergencies? For low-costs, Moffitt offers affordable Heat and Smoke vents for schools to keep students and

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06Jun 2017

Staying Safe on the Roof Aerial lift operations are an integral part any rooftop contracting or maintenance work. Aerial lift equipment like boom lifts and scissor lifts, require a preparation and caution to ensure safe and successful operation. As experienced ventilation contractors, the team at Moffitt Mechanical knows a thing or two about safely working

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09Jan 2017

Emergency Heat and Smoke Control An emergency automatic smoke vent, like the Moffitt Firex have been proven to save lives. When there is a fire emergency smoke vents open automatically without electricity or human action. Give workers more time to escape, improve firefighter access, and decrease and the dangers of smoke inhalation with a smoke

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02Aug 2016

Drink Water, Keep Moving. The importance of hydration can not be overstated. Water makes up a full 60% of the human body, and without it, we can not function properly. Water keeps us at optimal performance levels by regulating our core body temperature, carrying key nutrients to vital organs, and flushing internal toxins through sweat.

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12Apr 2016

Who Needs Industrial Ventilation? When you say the word ventilation most people think about air conditioning or fans. Industrial Ventilation, however, is something completely different. Ventilation for Industrial facilities isn’t designed for total climate control, but rather for cooling of large spaces by improving airflow. This can include fans, and even air conditioning in some

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Moffitt Will Remain Open and In Operation during the COVID-19 Pandemic.