Natural Daylighting

30Oct 2019
Large Moffitt Corporation Logo

In 2016 we rolled out new products and redefined what Moffitt was as a company. We updated our website, rolled out a new catalog, and made some big steps in our branding. All that said and done, we never quite updated our logo to match. Now that we’re entering a new decade we’ve totally reinvented

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09Aug 2018
commercial ventilation jalousie window

The success of natural ventilation in commercial buildings has a lot to do with the building’s design. Architects must integrate commercial ventilation solutions into the building at the design stage to ensure effectiveness. Retrofitted ventilation is possible but is never as effective. Additionally, even small modifications to a building can disrupt the efficiency of natural

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19Jun 2018

Jalousie windows, sometimes called awning windows, are composed of glass or acrylic panels set parallel in a frame. They are similar to window blinds. Unlike window blinds, however, jalousie blades bring fresh air into a building instead of light. As modern commercial buildings embrace natural ventilation jalousie windows are becoming more and more popular. There

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19Oct 2017
Labyrinth Installation

Innovation in Installation Moffitt is the only contractor that specializes in natural ventilation installation. This includes Moffittvent™, GreenRoo™, Thermorflow®, Apollo, and Labyrinth install. Every factory, mill, and warehouse is different and as a result requires different ventilation. With over 55 years of experience, we’ve seen it all. Over this time, we’ve developed a variety of

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Moffitt Will Remain Open and In Operation during the COVID-19 Pandemic.