Product Comparison

02Nov 2017
Copper Mill Natural Ventilation

Save with the Moffitt Cost Calculator Natural Ventilation incurs no energy costs or maintenance costs. Switching to a natural system can help your facility save hundreds of thousands of dollars a year, with significant cost savings over time. Putting a real dollar value to the promise of “savings” makes it real. One company chose Natural

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29Mar 2017
industrial louvers vs commercial louvers

What are your Ventilation Demands? When you are constructing or retrofitting your facility, you might be considering different ways to save money on ventilation without sacrificing quality. Compromises can be made on many things. However, if you have an industrial facility, choosing a light-duty louver is not one of them. To meet the building’s intake

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13Jul 2015

Tips Every Facility Manager Should Know. In this post, you’ll see 6 Ways for Facility Managers to Reduce Operating Costs During Cold Weather. There are many ways to achieve cost savings in a large industrial facility during the winter, including many simple and low-cost measures you can take right now. Before spending on big capital

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