12Jun 2018

A modern ventilation system can prevent condensation from forming on stored steel coils. Not just cleaning or drying the moisture, but preventing condensation in the steel coil storage area all together. Utilizing three different ventilation methods; natural ventilation, Pressure Gravity, and heated destratification, the building’s conditions are made perfect.. The right ventilation system creates an environmental

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15Jun 2017

Save CO2 to Save the Trees It would take 5,317,777 trees to save as much CO2 as the MoffittVent™ did in 2016.  This eliminates the 135,078 metric tons of carbon dioxide (CO2) that would have been produced by using powering exhaust fans.  This energy is saved and the CO2 disappears by switching to natural ventilation.

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31Jan 2017

Finding the Right Natural Ventilator Whether you’re an engineer, a building manager, or a contractor our new vent selector application makes natural ventilation design a breeze. See how the new Vent Selector from Moffitt makes natural ventilation a reality for your building.

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07Jan 2017

Which Ventilation System is Right for Your Building? An Industrial ventilation system is complicated. When designing a ventilation system numerous factors are involved. The height of the roof, the temperature of the process heat, average wind speed, and building materials can all have an effect on the building’s ventilation. Consequently, The Moffitt team knows the

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14Sep 2016

GreenRoo Turbine Vent in Action The GreenRoo turbine vent can make a big difference in a building’s internal temperature. A far cry from the traditional “onion” ventilators that have been used for decades, the GreenRoo is a more durable, more effective, and more efficient, state-of-the-art green ventilation device.

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Moffitt Will Remain Open and In Operation during the COVID-19 Pandemic.