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31Aug 2022
RidgePac Ridge Vent

.A ridge ventilator allows warm, humid air to escape a building. A ridge ventilator, or ridge vent, sits at the ridge, or peak, of a sloped roof. The right type of ventilation can mean the difference between a stuffy, uncomfortable space, and a cooler space where the air feels fresh. That is where the ridge

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20Jan 2022
corrugated ad photo

You can save money with CFD modeling. CFD modeling and analysis puts an end to replacing fans because “that’s what we’ve always done”. It means you no longer need to spend money and cross your fingers that your plant will be cooler. So no more taking the word of a guy you’ll never hear from

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15Apr 2021
TriadVent flap ventilator

It is hard for workers to do their jobs when a building is hot and uncomfortable. Whether it’s being covered in sweat, having to take water breaks, or simply having a tough time getting around, heat can be oppressive. If you run a large, hot building, you know how the heat can be a drain

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01Apr 2021
ventilation solutions for data centers

A Data Center Cooling System can use many different technologies. This includes traditional technologies like powered exhaust and air conditioning, to newer and revisited technologies like adiabatic natural cooling and natural ventilation. While all these solutions won’t work in all environments, finding the right solution is vital.

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24Sep 2020
Why Moffitt Ventilation Solutions?

There’s lots of ventilation companies out there. Some are big companies; some are just run by one person. With all of the options available, many people ask, Why Moffitt? We feel like there’s lots of reasons to choose us. Reasons such as our almost sixty years of experience, the quality of our products, the efficiency

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07Jul 2020
Cost Calculator Chart

Don’t pay for operation or maintenance costs on your ventilation system ever again. Save thousands, or tens of thousands of dollars over the life of your ventilation system with the Moffitt Cost Comparison Calculator. See it in action in our new video.

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