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04Dec 2019
industrial energy efficiency

“Going green” has been steadily gaining traction among industrial companies for some time. For those looking to join in on the green revolution, this involves designing ways to improve energy efficiency in new and existing structures. By moving away from traditionally powered ventilation systems and moving towards natural ventilation solutions, companies are achieving these “green

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21Mar 2018
Coltlite louvered windows

When it comes to a fire, anywhere between 50-80 percent of deaths caused by smoke inhalation-related injuries. This is due to a combination of thermal damage, poisoning, and pulmonary irritation and swelling.  To counteract the potential of smoke exposure, Moffitt Corporation has a selection of Natural Smoke control vents for your school or university building.

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02Nov 2017
Copper Mill Natural Ventilation

Save with the Moffitt Cost Calculator Natural Ventilation incurs no energy costs or maintenance costs. Switching to a natural system can help your facility save hundreds of thousands of dollars a year, with significant cost savings over time. Putting a real dollar value to the promise of “savings” makes it real. One company chose Natural

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29Jun 2017

Save More Energy with the MoffittVent™ If you add up the energy saved by all of the buildings that have installed the MoffittVent™ since 1996 it would be the equivalent of over 7,363,884 gallons of gas. With that gas, you could drive for 173,787,673 miles! The same as 13,894 cars use in a single year. That massive

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27Jun 2017

Natural Intake Air for Heavy Commercial and Industrial Facilities The Moffitt EcoStream line includes all of the Moffitt Corporation adjustable and fixed wall louvers. These louvers create an efficient, positive stream of air. They are environmentally friendly and, unlike intake fans, require no electricity. We use proven ventilation methods to control airflow, and modern engineering

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