CFD Modeling

23Feb 2022
Moffitt Lunch & Learn Webinar

Modern buildings need modern ventilation solutions. From natural ventilation to natural daylighting, there’s a number of solutions to help in creating better environments. That’s why we have updated our Lunch & Learn program to illustrate the wide variety of natural ventilation solutions. In the time it takes to each lunch, you can learn how to

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25Jan 2022
CFD for Building Analysis Before & After

Computational Fluid Dynamics or CFD Analysis for Buildings will let you see your facility in a whole new way. You’ll see where the warm air gathers and where it most effectively exhausts. Eliminate the guesswork of putting exhaust fans where you think the warm air goes, with CFD analysis. Computerized thermal imaging uses 3D models

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20Jan 2022
corrugated ad photo

You can save money with CFD modeling. CFD modeling and analysis puts an end to replacing fans because “that’s what we’ve always done”. It means you no longer need to spend money and cross your fingers that your plant will be cooler. So no more taking the word of a guy you’ll never hear from

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06Jan 2022
Computational Fluid Dynamics model for Ventilation Design

A picture is worth a thousand calculations. That is why Computational Fluid Dynamics (or CFD) modeling is so useful for ventilation. This tool creates vivid images that can show a new ventilation system in motion. A step beyond a static photo, they show how air actually moves in your facility. These models illustrate temperature changes,

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09Mar 2021
CFD Modeling for Data Centers

Increased data centers are being built across the United States every day. These facilities are often bigger and include more units. With those expanded facilities, greater cooling is required. That’s where Moffitt comes in. Our experience in data center ventilation design has helped various facilities keep their buildings cool without exorbitant air conditioning costs. While

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12Jun 2019
Viking Forge Low-Profile Rooftop

Natural Ventilation for Industrial Manufacturing Watch our Metal Forge Testimonial at Viking Forge to see how Moffitt Natural Ventilation, and low-profile natural ventilators, lowered temperatures in this plant.

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