10Dec 2020
2020 Year in Review

2020 was the year of adaptation for everyone around the world. At Moffitt, it was no exception. Whether its adapting to the global pandemic or just changing realities of the marketplace, 2020 kept us all on our toes. As we close the book on the last 12 months, we take a minute to look back

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24Sep 2020
Why Moffitt Ventilation Solutions?

There’s lots of ventilation companies out there. Some are big companies; some are just run by one person. With all of the options available, many people ask, Why Moffitt? We feel like there’s lots of reasons to choose us. Reasons such as our almost sixty years of experience, the quality of our products, the efficiency

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12Jun 2019
Viking Forge Low-Profile Rooftop

Natural Ventilation for Industrial Manufacturing Watch our Metal Forge Testimonial at Viking Forge to see how Moffitt Natural Ventilation, and low-profile natural ventilators, lowered temperatures in this plant.

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12Jan 2016

Interview On Data Center Manufacturing Production Specialist Neal Rainey explains why Savage IO chose Moffitt low-profile natural ventilators instead of exhaust fans. The resultant hybrid/pressure gravity system® made an enormous impact on this plant overnight. Watch this quick video to learn more about data center ventilation from Moffitt.

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27Jul 2015

Metal Forge Testimonial Interview This Forge Ventilator Testimonial is the best way to see how natural ventilation can work miracles. Plant Operations Manager Tom Verlihay tells us how Moffitt ventilators made his building cooler and more comfortable overnight.

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