06Sep 2022
Power Ventilation Definition

This blog post is to provide the power ventilation definition in a general sense, as well as how we approach it at Moffitt. At Moffitt, we have been providing power ventilation solutions for over sixty years. This includes small work rooms that needs upblast fans to remove hot air. This also includes massive facilities that

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26Jul 2022

At Moffitt our goal is to create a better work environment for everyone. We do this by improving airflow, cooling the work floor, and introducing natural light. In turn, these solutions make work spaces happier and healthier. That is also why creating a better work environment for our own work spaces has always been, and

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22Jul 2022
manufacturing problem solving

At Moffitt, we don’t see our factory crew as assembly people, we see them team members. We take this view because we challenge them to look at their jobs as manufacturing problem solving. We want them to always ask “how do I make this process faster?” Or “How do I make my jobs safer?” Or

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16Feb 2022

If you work on a corrugated box factory you’ve got a lot on your “to-do list” lately. From increased production, to challenges with hiring and retention, to constant maintenance issues, everyone needs you. Give yourself one less thing to worry about with a natural ventilation solution for your corrugated box factory. Natural Solutions for Corrugated Box

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20May 2021
Moffitt Old Factory

Since 1961 Moffitt has provided reliable ventilation products to our customers. This is done by focusing on manufacturing innovation and made-to-order equipment. This ensures the highest level of quality, precision, and efficiency. For over sixty years Moffitt has manufactured the best ventilation products you can find, while constantly keeping an eye on how to improve.

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03Feb 2021

Moffitt Corporation adds innovation to ventilation with 3 new products. Jacksonville Beach, FL – February 3, 2021 – Moffitt Corporation, Inc. (Moffitt) today announced that they are ready to launch three new natural solutions products into the industrial and commercial marketplace. These products complement the Moffitt message of Natural Ventilation Solutions as they each promote

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