Hybrid Ventilation

28Mar 2024
Moffitt Logo - 2024

Our company has made huge strides in the last 12 months so we felt it was now time to revisit our branding for the Moffitt Logo – 2024. Back in 2019 we made a major update to the Moffitt logo. The “solutions ring” represents Moffitt as a company better than the old fan blade (remember

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04Nov 2022

Moffitt provides a variety of commercial and industrial solutions to best meet the ventilation needs of your facility. Our ventilation solutions video collection will help you familiarize yourself with natural ventilation, powered ventilation, and hybrid ventilation. Watch our videos below to see which system is the right fit for your facility. Or, if you have

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29Mar 2022

Hybrid ventilation definition: ventilation that combines natural ventilation and powered ventilation. This process allows for greater responsiveness to external conditions. In essence, it helps keep the space comfortable throughout the day and in different seasons. Moffitt has been providing ventilation solutions like hybrid ventilation for over sixty years. Read on to learn more. Combining Ventilation Solutions

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