Natural Ventilation

25Mar 2020

Jalousie windows continue to gain popularity in highly engineered commercial buildings. Their modern design offers a sleek, functional alternative when compared to the traditional fixed window. In addition to looking sleek and modern, jalousie window vents also offer a great number of advantages. Below, we’ll outline a few distinct benefits that make Jalousie windows the

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30Oct 2019
Large Moffitt Corporation Logo

In 2016 we rolled out new products and redefined what Moffitt was as a company. We updated our website, rolled out a new catalog, and made some big steps in our branding. All that said and done, we never quite updated our logo to match. Now that we’re entering a new decade we’ve totally reinvented

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29Aug 2019
Firex Open Smoke Vent

Regardless of how careful workers are sometimes fires happen. Hot work, flammable liquids, combustible dust, industrial equipment, and electrical hazards make fires in industrial facilities inevitable. To avoid keep workers safe, and avoid costly damages, it is important to take measures to evacuate heat and smoke when this happens. A life safety device, like the

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21Aug 2019
Ridgepac ridge mount

The RidgePac is a small industrial ventilator that is designed to be mounted on the ridge of a building to maximize warm air exhaust. It is designed for fast and easy installation on almost any type of building. Its light weight and small size means minimal roof work is required for installation. It modular and

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