Green Ventilation

15Jul 2021
MTX vent power outage

Heat waves produces unique challenges for plants, factories, and warehouses. First, elevated temperatures mean greater power consumption and in-turn, power outages. Secondly, intense temperatures make it hard for workers to function at peak efficiency. Especially if the plant normally operates above outdoor ambient temperature. Finally, a heat wave can lead to higher and more volatile

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05Jan 2021
low-profile natural ventilation

Most data centers have servers running 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. When the resultant heat is not properly ventilated, the computers will inevitably overheat. From outages to broken equipment, the consequences of a hot data center are simply too grave. That’s why a data center needs an efficient, reliable cooling system to

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04Dec 2019
industrial energy efficiency

“Going green” has been steadily gaining traction among industrial companies for some time. For those looking to join in on the green revolution, this involves designing ways to improve energy efficiency in new and existing structures. By moving away from traditionally powered ventilation systems and moving towards natural ventilation solutions, companies are achieving these “green

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19Dec 2018

Inefficient ventilation is just one of the ways energy is wasted and the environment is hurt by a building. Building construction waste is another. Construction waste comes from unused and excess material generated during site excavation, site clearance, construction, and renovation. This waste may be rubble (concrete, bricks, and asphalt), byproducts (wood and wood products,

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30Jul 2018
moffitt west expansion 2

In late June, Moffitt West officially began work on its new building addition. The Moffitt West expansion increases the total space at the Denison, TX plant almost 70%. It adds room for additional staff, increased production, and improved shipping and warehousing.

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21Oct 2016

Ventilation for the Heavy Commercial Sector. Moffitt Corporation is known around the world for its expertise in industrial ventilation solutions. But did you know we also provide equipment for the heavy commercial ventilation market as well? That’s right, while we do most of our business in foundries, mills, and power plants, we also offer a

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