Powered Ventilation

23Dec 2019
ideal aluminum PressureSteram roof fan

The PressureStream is a power ventilation unit that is used for warm air roof exhaust or cool air supply into a building. This modular, customizable wall fan can be mounted on the roof (exhaust) or in the sidewall (supply). The PressureStream is the key component for any Pressure Gravity System® and can be utilized in

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20Nov 2019
Hooded Roof Fans

In the event that you need to pressurize your facility, say for hygiene purposes, the Moffitt Hooded Roof Fan is the ideal unit for your building. This industrial fan is very powerful, highly reliable, and can be customized to suit the ventilation needs of your facility. Below are some features and benefits of the Moffitt

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16Jul 2018
moffittvent small

Industrial Make-Up Air Units and How They Work Make-up air units (MAU) adjust air temperature and humidity in a building. Instead of recycling or recirculating the stagnating air already in the building, make-up air units bring in fresh air from the outside. This fresh air contributes to a better working environment. MAU units come in

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16Nov 2015

Axial Fans Ventilation Natural ventilation is the single most efficient and effective cooling system available. Unfortunately, it doesn’t work in all building types. Spot cooling or powered intake are effective ways to compliment a natural ventilation system. Of course, they also maximize energy efficiency and lower operating costs. Adding axial fans ventilation is a good

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