Powered Ventilation

18Jun 2020
Moffitt Corp Gulftream

3 Advantages of the Gulfstream Warehouses and industrial facilities tend to be warm places. This is because they are seldom air-conditioned and are full of machinery that produces excess heat. Proper air-movement is essential for workers to be comfortable enough to do their jobs. A “man cooler” fan like the Moffitt GulfStream is the ideal

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02Jun 2020
Moffitt Wall fans

It’s odd to hear the “natural ventilation solutions” company talk about powered fans. However, Moffitt has provided powered ventilation solutions since day one. For almost 60 years Moffitt has been striving to design the best ventilation solution no matter the method. Natural ventilation may be our first choice, but our final choice is whatever works

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27May 2020
powered ventilation

Powered ventilation is sometimes the solution. At Moffitt natural ventilation is always our first choice.  However we’ve worked on enough buildings to know it’s not always the best solution. There are plenty of reasons why natural ventilation might not be a good fit on a given building; from climate region to EPA regulations. That’s why

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