Natural Solutions

24Jan 2020

For the last decade, Moffitt has continued to grow and innovate. The entire Moffitt team continues to look for new opportunities to help modernize the company and pursue new approaches for increased success. By investing in new manufacturing facilities, reorganizing our sales approach, and celebrated our history with the Soaring 20s conference, 2019 was an

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20Jan 2020

Moffitt is proud to present our new Vision, Mission, Values statements. These ideals showcase where our organization is going (vision), how we are going to get there (mission), and what is important to us along the way (values). Together, they act as the road map for Moffitt’s next decade and beyond. The statements are as

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30Oct 2019
Large Moffitt Corporation Logo

In 2016 we rolled out new products and redefined what Moffitt was as a company. We updated our website, rolled out a new catalog, and made some big steps in our branding. All that said and done, we never quite updated our logo to match. Now that we’re entering a new decade we’ve totally reinvented

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30Jul 2019
CoolStream wide

People often see the Moffitt CoolStream air conditioning unit and think its just another swamp cooler. That couldn’t be further from the truth. With its state-of-the-art engineering and advanced hygiene features it is leaps and bounds beyond the traditional evaporative cooling unit. See our Q&A below to learn more about the Moffitt CoolStream.

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Moffitt Will Remain Open and In Operation during the COVID-19 Pandemic.