Creating Better Environments Lunch & Learn

Modern buildings need modern ventilation solutions. From natural ventilation to natural daylighting, there’s a number of solutions to help in creating better environments. That’s why we have updated our Lunch & Learn program to illustrate the wide variety of natural ventilation solutions.

Moffitt Lunch & Learn Webinar + Creating Better Environments
Creating Better Environments

In the time it takes to each lunch, you can learn how to create better environments for yourself. Each 45 – 50 minute seminar demonstrates how you can design with natural solutions to lower temperatures, reduce energy costs, and improve ventilation.

In addition, the presentation covers air movement science to recent innovations in the industry. For instance, some of these solutions, like roof ventilators might be familiar. On the other hand, solutions like a DeltaStream adiabatic cooling unit, might not be familiar. Either way, you’ll see that there is more to ventilation than just exhaust fans.

Lunch & Learn Topics

Each Lunch & Learn will cover a variety of topics. Topics such as,

  • A Lesson on the Science of Natural Ventilation
  • A Review of the Benefits of Natural Ventilation vs. Powered Ventilation
  • Tips on How to Find the Right Products for Creating Better Environments
  • Examples That of Projects That Show the Power of Natural Solutions
  • CFD modeling for Natural Ventilation Design
  • Professional Development Hours (PDH) for all who attend (where applicable)

We can also customize our presentation to focus on the buildings and industries in which you specialize. We can discuss current and future projects as well.

Create Better Environments Today

For over sixty years Moffitt has been showing engineers, architects, and builders the power of natural solutions. We’ve worked closely with members of the building industry to help them create better environments.

In conclusion, whether you’re an experienced engineer or a recent graduate a Lunch & Learn will have you thinking about ventilation in a whole new way. We can host sessions for teams of 2 or 20, in-person or virtually, focus on natural ventilation or all modern ventilation solutions.

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