Hybrid Ventilation Definition – What it means

Hybrid ventilation definition: ventilation that combines natural ventilation and powered ventilation. This process allows for greater responsiveness to external conditions. In essence, it helps keep the space comfortable throughout the day and in different seasons. Moffitt has been providing ventilation solutions like hybrid ventilation for over sixty years. Read on to learn more.

Combining Ventilation Solutions

Hybrid Ventilation Definition

Hybrid Ventilation provides the best of both solutions. First, there is the energy efficiency and cost savings of natural solutions. Next is the power and air movement from powered ventilation like fans. Together, these solutions can provide greater air movement while retaining powered exhaust. There are many different ways to utilize these two systems together into a single Hybrid Ventilation Solution.

For years Moffitt has manifested this solution in the Pressure Gravity System®. This type of solution utilizes passive natural ventilation for exhaust and powered sidewall fans for enhanced air intake. As a result, warm air naturally rises to the ceiling and out of the vent. Furthermore, fresh air is forced into the building to provide an evaporative cooling effect. It also increases the rate at which the hot air exhausts. This works best in a building with a lower ceiling or one with a cooler heat process.

Hybrid Ventilation Definition and Where It is Used?

It’s rare that any large building will use only natural or powered ventilation these days. Many more use a mixed-mode ventilation plan. That results in this hybrid ventilation definition: A facility in where powered equipment is used for some areas, and natural vents in others. For example, a powered fan will work best i n a small, enclosed area, while a ventilator will work better on a large work floor.

Automated building systems can be a huge benefit in these situations because they can automatically discern the ideal building conditions. They then adjust the system accordingly. In conclusion, this will help create a better environment for your building. This will keep you from cooling areas that don’t need it and will ultimately result in cooler, happier workers.

Moffitt & Hybrid Ventilation

At Moffitt, we create better environments. For over sixty years our team has strived to help customers find their ideal ventilation solution. Contact us today to see how Hybrid Ventilation can help your building.