Is the Model RV Ventilator Right for You?

The Model RV ridge ventilator is a compact industrial ventilator that provides warm air exhaust for warehouses and industrial buildings. Help stifling air exhaust through the roof opening, while prevent any rain entrance, with a Model RV from Moffitt.

With the recent acquisition of Romlair Fan Company, the small scale, industrial ridge ventilator has been updated and renamed the Model RV ventilator. New name, upgrade product, same solution.

What Advantages Can You Expect from a Ridge Ventilator?

Model RV ridge ventilator

Model RV Ventilator

The RidgePac / Model RV ridge vent, has zero maintenance and operating costs. It provides continuous, weather protected exhaust for a space, without any rain entrance. Its low silhouette allows it to blend right into the structure, allowing it to disappear into the building. This makes it more aesthetically pleasing than other ventilation options.

When and How Will It Be Used?

Units mount on the ridge of a building to maximize warm air exhaust from the point at which the hot air gathers. It is designed for fast and easy installation on almost any type of building. Additionally, the light weight and small size mean installation requires minimal roof work. Finally, the modular nature allows it to fit any building length.

Ridge vents are perfect for warmer months, especially when internal temperatures become unbearable. By letting the warm air exhaust the Model RV can provide relief from high temperatures through natural ventilation. A new ventilator means the difference between a hot workspace and a comfortable workspace. Maybe that is why floor workers love it. It is ideal for warehouses, storage facilities, various industrial plants, and more.

What Are the Qualifications?

A ridge mounted ventilator is ideal for buildings have a heat generating production process and a ceiling of 35 feet or higher. These features allow for the vent to effectively exhasut the rising heat. The Model RV works for buildings such as steel mills, glass plants, paper mills, power plants, and large warehouses. However especially large buildings may require the additional ventilation volume of the Model RV. The Moffitt team can help determine which vent is the best solution for your facility.

Moffitt Model RV Ridge Vent

Our natural ventilation solutions create a cooler, more comfortable atmosphere within your building. Additionally, it incus no operating or consumption costs. We provide a variety of ventilation products for industrial and commercial applications. Our team has been providing natural solutions for over 60 years. We’ve seen how natural ventilation can make an enormous difference on morale and productivity. For more information, please contact (904) 474-8333 or email us today.