Moffitt 60th Anniversary – Looking Ahead to 2021

Moffitt 60th Anniversary Logo
60th Anniversary Logo

This year Moffitt celebrates its 60th Anniversary. Founded in 1961, Moffitt now provides natural ventilation solutions all around the world. In 2021, each division of Moffitt, Moffitt Corp design, Moffitt Mechanical installation, and Moffitt West manufacturing, have big things in store.

Expanded Team for Moffitt Corp

The team will expand to the West Coast with a permanent base in southern California. This builds on the three new DSPs hired last year in Mexico, Chicago, and Texas. Secondly, there are also plans for new hires in the accounting and sales departments to support this new outside sales team. Finally, there will be investments in modern technologies and customer service improvements too. These initiatives are all poised to increase capacity, improve productivity, and better serve our customers.

R&D for New Solutions at Moffitt West

Moffitt West continues to grow. With new continuous plant upgrades, shipping improvements, and a new Plant Manager last year, Moffitt manufacturing is in a strong place for 2021. The most exciting thing about 2021 is the introduction of brand-new Moffitt products. After years of research & development the product development team has come up with some new solutions. This year, Moffitt will debut new natural ventilation, natural intake, and natural cooling products. These new solutions will be released in the first and second quarters of 2021. While the exact details are still under wraps, more information will be released soon.

Moffitt Mechanical Expansion

Moffitt Mechanical is the industrial ventilation contracting arm of Moffitt. This is the “last mile” of Moffitt turn-key solutions in which the equipment gets put on the building. In 2021 the Moffitt Certified Installer (MCI) contractor network will continue to expand, and installation capabilities will continue to improve. Additional plans include expanding the installation staff, broadening the work scope, and improving end-user sales flexibility. In the end, these changes will allow more facilities around the country, and North America, to reap the benefits of turn-key service from Moffitt.

Moffitt 60th Anniversary

Of course, the above is just a sample of what is in store for 2021. More announcements will be coming soon, so keep reading the Moffitt blog and following the Moffitt social media pages to keep up to date. The whole Moffitt team is excited to have been providing natural ventilation solutions for 60 years now. Here’s to the next 60!