Roofing Solutions for Ventilation All-In-One

Roofing solutions for ventilation are a must. Summers in large industrial facilities without ventilation can be brutal. Facilities such as steel mills, large warehouses, prefabricated metal buildings, and other building types, do not always have worker comfort in mind. This is particularly an issue during the hot and humid summer months. Once the temperature starts to rise, this can be a drain on worker morale and productivity.

Luckily, Moffitt has the perfect solution for those warm summer months ahead. Ventilators such as our RidgePac and MatrixVent ventilators, exhaust heat and humidity from a building while still being easy to transport and install. These vents are the all-in-one roofing solutions every building contractor needs to know.

RidgePac Ventilator

Ridgepac MW + Roofing Solutions for Ventilation
Roofing Solutions for Ventilation

The RidgePac natural ventilator is perfect for lighter heat buildings like prefabricated metal buildings, warehouses, and the like. It is designed to be mounted on the ridge of a building to ensure maximum warm air exhaust.

As hot air escapes through the roof RidgePac wall mounted louvers or bay doors allow cool air to enter the building at ground level. This allows cool, fresh air to replace the hot, dirty air that leaves the building. Having sufficient supply air is the key to an effective all-in-one roofing ventilation solution.

The Ridgepac vent’s lightweight and small size require minimal roof work for installation. It comes pre-assembled so its easy to ship and simple to install.

MatrixVent ventilator

For larger facilities in need of greater heat exhaust the MatrixVent natural ventilator is the solution. This vent is a versatile unit with many customizable options. It is the perfect vent for almost any medium to heavy industrial facility. Ideal facilities for the MatrixVent includes steel mills, paper mills, and manufacturing facilities.

Each ventilator offers efficient weatherproof ventilation by exhausting heat and humidity from the building and preventing rain from entering. For instance, rainwater is collected in the blades to properly drain through the side channels. Above all this ensures the interior of the building stays dry.

All-In-One Roofing Solutions for Ventilation

The RidgePac and MatrixVent are both cost-effective natural ventilation solutions. They each require no maintenance and incur little to no operating costs. They are also both low-profile and compact. Resulting in minimal wind-load impact on the building. This makes them ideal for retrofit applications as an easy, turn-key solution.

In conclusion, the RidgePac and MatrixVent are all-in-one natural ventilation roofing solutions. They are highly efficient ventilation devices that work on almost any type of roof. Between the two of them, almost any and every type of facility is covered.

Moffitt Ventilation Solutions

Moffitt offers a wide range of Roofing Solutions for Your Industrial Facility. Our all-in-one roofing solutions are designed to create a cooler and more comfortable atmosphere within your building. Contact us today to learn more about our natural ventilation solutions.