How to Avoid Poor Ventilation in Agricultural Buildings

Moffitt can help you avoid poor ventilation in agricultural buildings. Instead of relying on old, small vents or little fans that barely work, we can help you find a better solution. Moffitt can provide ventilation in dairy buildings, poultry houses, hog farms, horse barns, greenhouses, grain storage, and more. We have been the experts on building ventilation for over sixty years. No matter which type of agricultural building you have our team is ready to help you find your new system.

The Perils of Poor Ventilation

Without adequate ventilation, a building will become hot, humid, and prone to the buildup of harmful gases, moisture, and odors. This can lead to various problems such as decreased animal health and productivity, increased risk of disease transmission, mold growth, spoilage of crops, and decreased shelf life of stored produce.

That is why having good ventilation is so important. Exhausting that hot, dirty air out of the building, and bringing in cool, fresh air, will prevent those pitfalls. Ensuring a continuous supply of fresh air to all areas of the facility, while removing stale air, moisture, and odors, is the goal of any ventilation system.

Ventilation in Agricultural Buildings

RidgePac - Model RV ridge vent, Ventilation in Agricultural Buildings
Model RV natural ventilator

Moffitt is here to help you meet that goal. Our team will look at your building and find a customized solution that maintains optimal temperature, humidity, and air quality levels. We assess the current system, find the hot spots and dead zones, and figure out how we can improve the ventiltion. Then, we will develop a solution to get the air moving. This is done by custom engineering a new ventilation system specifically for your building.

For instance, we may determine that your problem is lack of exhaust air. In that case we may recommend roof ventilator like the Model RV to passively exhaust the hot air. On the other hand, we might determine that the fan you’re currently using is in the wrong place. Or that another fan model, like a Model H fan, should be located in a different location. With our ventilation design, we can help you find a solution that fits your building, your budget, and your schedule.

Moffitt Provides Solutions for Ventilation in Agricultural Buildings.

Now you’re probably thinking this all sounds expensive. Fortunately, our ventilation system design service is always free. That’s right, our team will make a site visit and make a recommendation for a solution, all for free. There’s nothing to lose when getting a proposal.

Contact us today to get your free ventilation design and take the first step to better ventilation in agricultural buildings.