5 Benefits of Industrial Ventilation

Industrial manufacturing facilities produce a lot of warm air during their daily manufacturing processes. Whether it’s from a metal forge, a paper press, a glass kiln, or a compressor room, there is a lot of warm air. Luckily, industrial ventilators are here to exhaust that balmy air and improve building conditions. Industrial ventilation is the key to a cooler, happier, and more productive factory.

Here are the five benefits of investing in industrial ventilation:

Lower Temperatures

MatrixVent roof Industrial Ventilation
Industrial Ventilation

Industrial ventilation equipment, like a natural ventilator and wall louvers, will improve building airflow. Using the principles of natural ventilation, a roof vent exhausts stifling air, and the wall vent brings in cool air. This increased air turn-over makes for a cooler and more comfortable facility. Sometimes even lower than ambient conditions. The right industrial ventilation system means temperatures can be lowered by 30°F or more.


Industrial ventilations are considerably more economical than exhaust fans or air conditioning. Most companies have reaped numerous long-term and cost-efficient benefits by installing such industrial ventilations. Once installed, ventilators use no electricity and don’t require high-cost maintenance or repair. Furthermore, it reduces the time workers would otherwise spend on repairs as well. Visit our Cost Calculator to see how much natural solutions can help you save on industrial ventilation.

Regulation and Control

One of the fundamental reasons for installing industrial ventilators is that they enable you to control the entire airflow within your facility. Whether it’s with a simple control switch or fully automated building controls, a smart solution puts air control in the user’s hands. Respond to changes in production, internal temperatures, and outside factors, by creating a persistent comfortable working environment.

Safety of Industrial Ventilation

Feverish temperatures can pose a variety of problems. From dehydration to deteriorating equipment, the issues are numerous. Lower temperatures help protects the workers in several ways. Furthermore, natural solutions help eliminate the number of visits that workers must make to the roof, reducing the chances for hazardous falls. Safety must come first when considering any industrial ventilation solution.

Work Environment

While temperature control is the biggest benefit, natural solutions provide additional benefits when it comes to industrial ventilation. For instance, natural ventilators provide fresh outside air, which helps workers breathe better. Secondly, most ventilators provide additional natural daylight, which improves morale in the building. Finally, natural ventilators make no sound which results in a quieter facility. All these benefits help improve morale and even productivity.

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