The DeltaStream is the key for Natural Cooling

Keeping workers cool and comfortable is a concern for every commercial or industrial factory. This is especially relevant during the relentlessly hot summer months. However, natural ventilation is not always ideal and air-conditioning units are too expensive. Moffitt recognizes the need for a reliable cooling system that is energy and cost efficient. Therefore, Moffitt is introducing the DeltaStream evaporative cooler to their Natural Solutions product line

Adiabatic Evaporative Cooling

DeltaStream adiabatic natural cooling unit

The DeltaStream is a natural cooling system that uses adiabatic evaporative cooling to provide cool fresh filtered air. In the right conditions, a simple evaporative cooling system can lower building temperatures by 20° or more.

How does adiabatic evaporative cooling work? In simplest terms, it uses a cellulose medium (light cardboard) to remove heat from the air. The temperature of the air passes through the medium, changing the water in the system from liquid water to water vapor (evaporation).  This cools and conditions the air with more moisture for the comfort of building occupants.

How it Works

Think of it this way; evaporative cooling works in a similar fashion to the evaporation that takes place when you exit a swimming pool on a sweltering day. As long as your skin is wet, even a light breeze will have significant cooling effect. Once your skin is dry you do not feel the same degree of relief from the wind. The layer of water enables the moisture in the air to evaporate more quickly.

The very nature of the DeltaStream and evaporative cooling in general is is a very green technology. The cellulose medium is 90% efficient, and the amount of energy and water used overall is minimal. Additionally, since it relies on warm air to evaporate the water within the system it runs at its most efficient levels on the hottest days whereas conventional cooling units tend to struggle to meet the demand on hot days. You no longer must choose between the exorbitant costs of conditioning the entire factory or making the floor personnel sweat it out.

Furthermore, due to the natural cooling, there are no refrigerant or compressors. This prevents extensive maintenance, energy use, and pollution.

Moffitt DeltaStream Natural Cooling

Moffitt has incorporated several innovative features into the DeltaStream evaporative cooler. These eliminate the shortcomings of your average swamp cooling unit.  All aluminum construction, to ensure that it has a minimal load on your building and that you don’t need to worry about rust or corrosion, E.C variable fans along with a direct drive variable speed motor, and the smart control system all come standard. Along with superior engineering, these features ensure that you’re getting more than just a swamp cooler.

You know all too well the struggle of dealing with the upkeep and the high running costs of conventional cooling units.

In conclusion, these innovative product features include the Moffitt signature turn-key service. We provide design, manufacture, and installation services unique to the Moffitt Natural solution product line. So, there is no hassle of going to third parties for any step of the buying process. That provides you with the ease of one-stop shopping. Get your free ventilation design today to see if the DeltaStream evaporative cooling unit is a good fit for your facility.