How our Hurricane Proof Louvers and Vents Work!

How do Hurricane Proof Louvers and Vents Work? As the weeks go by the damage of Hurricane Irma continues to be assessed. Since it made landfall in our own back yard just a few weeks ago, hurricane proof ventilation has been on our minds. Our natural ventilators and louvers are designed to work for regular levels of wind and rain. However, many of them are also equipped to handle hurricane-force winds to excessive amounts of rain and debris.

How do Hurricane Proof Louvers and Vents Work?

Our Vents – All Moffitt vents storm proof. They are specifically designed to channel rainwater away from the building opening and onto the roof. This keeps the interior dry. Just as the ventilators use gravity to exhaust warm air, they use gravity to ensure the water flows in the right direction too.

Our Louvers – Our Louvers made in the same way, but instead of draining to the side, they drain outward. Fixed louvers are designed to direct water to the exterior, keeping it away from the interior of the building. Adjustable louvers, on the other hand, are made to be closed when the wind and rain pick up. Each are designed to be durable to stand up to the wind without damage. There are also Miami-Dade County Approved louvers designed specifically for Hurricane Prone areas. Moffitt also provides these louvers when necessary.

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How do Hurricane Proof Louvers and Vents Work?

Plant owners are extremely cautious when it comes to putting holes in their building. That is why we test and retest our ventilators and louvers to make sure they will keep out water. A natural ventilator is only effective if it also prevents water from coming in.

Of course, preventing water intrusion only works if the vents remain intact. Moffitt equipment is built to stand up to the harshest conditions. Made of steel and aluminum, our products are designed to withstand the wear and tear of heavy industry, as well as high winds and rains. For instance, the MoffittVent™ can withstand winds up to 130 MPH at grade. Meanwhile, the MatrixVent is specifically designed to be low-profile and thus impart little wind load on the building.

Success Stories

We have had some impressive success stories with our products during Hurricane conditions. A low-profile vent, much like our MatrixVent ventilator, kept Evonik Stockhausen dry during high winds and sustained rain back in 2012. Their chemical plant endured a beating from Hurricane Isaac, and in the end, no water entered the building, and no units became damaged due to the hurricane. This is what you can expect from a Moffitt ventilator.

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People choose Moffitt because our ventilation systems work. If your building is lacking proper ventilation, then it’s time you invested in an old concept with superior technology. Moffitt is one of the most trusted names in Ventilation and Louvers, and you can start saving money on A/C and powered ventilation today!